Painting brush

MPL Technical Services who is Swedish owned and managed company who have always strived to deliver quality service to its customer. Delivering competitive price with quality is two of the core values of the company. MPL also offers FREE inspections and quotations cross Dubai. By providing proper quotation with detail description of the material and labor included you will have comprehensive overview of what you are paying for. We are unique in the way we gather information to reduce the lead time from time of request to the time you receive the quotation by using our own customized form.

Lets get your walls painted for as cheap as 450 AED. You can fill in our painting form and receive a quotation within 10 min without any inspection just by answering few questions in the form. Request a FREE quotation here or call/email us directly. Dubai in terms of delivering both quality and very competitive price. All of our technicians speak english and uses uniform.

We are one of the handfull painting companies in Dubai who always use quality paint and include hole filling & sanding in our price. We also offer warranty and will always receive full payment upon full satisfaction. MPL Technical Services is also one of the few if not the only painting company that is fully Swedish owned and managed company.

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