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Annual Maintenance Packages For Villas

 AMC Package for Villas
Have you ever wondered why you need a annual maintenance contract for your villa or apartment?

There are multiple reasons why you should have a AMC for your property. See your property like your Car, what would happen if you did not service your car? Well it would eventually break down and the costs would be enormous in comparison to regular servicing, same concept applies with your property , If you do not take care of your villa or apartment regularly it will eventually have major failures and the cost will be much higher then an AMC contract.
So what should you be looking for in a AMC? Here are some of the more important parts of an AMC.

1. Free call-out

The most important part of a AMC is how many free call outs you aloud to make. The range are from 1 call-out/month to 3 call-out/month.

2. Preventive Maintenance

The service usually included in preventing maintenance are, AC servicing, Plumbing Servicing, Electrical servicing. For villas there are other addons like Water pump servicing, Water tank Cleaning, Irrigation system servicing and cleaning. Also here the number of visits are important.

3. Emergency Call-Out

Emergency call-out are to be accompanied with a 24/7 SLA and with NO limitation to the number of emergency call out you are aloud to make free of charge.

4. Material & Service

The service chargesfor man power are usually free but the material cost is not included. Having an AMC is not only headache free but also much cheaper in the long run so make sure to take care of your property in a proper way.

Request a FREE quotation here or call/email us directly. We are one of the handfull AMC support companies in Dubai. We also offer warranty and will always receive full payment upon full satisfaction. MPL Technical Services is also one of the few if not the only Annual Maintenance Support provider company that is fully Swedish owned and managed by Swedish management.

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